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The author, Paul Burke, is a retired independent researcher. He has not worked or consulted for any textbook publisher, and does not own stock in any of them. His work in education includes:


Member, School Impact Committee of Jefferson County Public Schools, 2002-2006, and School Facilities Committee, 2003-2006

"Mean Years of School," paper for United Nations Development Program, 1994

"You Can Lead Adolescents to a Test, but You Can't Make Them Try," paper for US Congress, Office of Technology Assessment, 1991, Eric #ED340772, National Technical Information Service #PB92-127638

Senate Guidebook, How to Get Laws You Can Live with, 1991

"US Students: the Myth of Massive Failure," The Washington Post Aug. 28, 1990

"Math that Adults Need," Journal of College Admissions, Summer 1990, EJ417946

"Different Interpretation of the Data: Most Students Know a Lot," Educational Leadership, November 1989, EJ398942

ATextbook Questions@ Social Education, September 1989, pp. 263-4

"What Do the Other Folk Learn? Social Studies Curricula, by Grade," National Commission on Social Studies in Schools, 1988


Teacher of Mathematics, Physics, French, at Apam Secondary School, Ghana, 1970-72


Educational Posters:


"Ranges of Income," poster of education level and income in 200 occupations in the US, 1995

"Food for Thought," poster of nutrients in 150 foods, 1995

"Life and Riches," poster comparing 120 countries: life expectancy, GDP, population, economy, forests, communication, 1993

"History through the Eyes," poster of trends in US history, 1790-1990, published 1991